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Sex Story Post Sex picture

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Friday, July 30, 2004


Sex Story Post Sex story

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. If you are offended by
sexually explicit material or are under the age of 18, stop reading
now. This material cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes
without the consent of the author.

John Carter
Lazlo Zalezak
Lazlo Zalezak, 2003

Part 2: Mantle Of Aries
Chapter 15

It was Midsummer's Day and the wedding was in a week. The
preparations for the wedding were overwhelming. They expected
to have over to nine hundred guests almost a thousand if
everyone showed up. The whole population of the town had been
invited, people from Arizona University and University of Texas,
friends from Austin, his hometown, family members, and all of the
people with whom they worked. John had booked all of the rooms
of two hotels for the people that were traveling. The affair was
being catered by nine different companies. Folding chairs, tents,
and portable toilets were being set up in the back yard of the house.

Money wasn't an issue, every time John turned around more
money was being deposited in his accounts. He actually believed
that he had underestimated how much money the fusion battery
and the fusion well would create. The nonprofit charity that he
had established, was now one of the richest charities in the
country. They had close to two thousand people managing
different funding efforts. Jack had a team of accountants that went
through the books continuously. Jim now had a staff of lawyers
that were hand picked by him.

Kelly kept walking through the house looking at everything in it.
This was a dream that had come true well beyond her wildest
imaginings. The house was divided into two main sections. The
front contained various entertainment areas (dining room, living
room, dance floor, kitchen) and a dozen bedrooms on the second
floor for the staff. The kitchen alone was almost the size of a house
and fully furnished with professional quality equipment.

The back of the house was totally different. There were twelve
bedrooms around the backside of an inner atrium. Every bedroom
was two stories. The lower story had a sitting area, a bathroom,
and a sleeping area. The top floor could serve as a private office.
Near the front was a swimming pool and spa area. An informal
living room, dining room, library, and kitchen were for personal
use. They were located in the transition area between the public
area and the private area.

Beth had taken one of the bedrooms and turned it into a private
hospital with two beds. She had the stairs removed and an elevator
put in its place. She was busy putting a surgical area into place on
the top floor. She worked with a singleminded determination;
swearing that she would not stand by and watch John die because
she didn't have the equipment on hand to save him. John had
donated the money for the house and the hospital, demanding that
every cent be used on quality.

Ed was out of town on some rockhunting expedition with the
University and wouldn't be back in a couple of days. His absence
irritated John far beyond what was appropriate. He understood
intellectually that sometimes one had to follow their desires, but
the timing seemed odd. It was even worse when Ed had told him
he didn't know when he would return.

Ed and John shared one of the empty bedrooms as a place to work
with rocks or perform experiments. The second floor was Johns
and had been outfitted with special vents, automatic extinguishers,
and other equipment to prevent the room from being a hazard. Ed's
section was still bare. John didn't know why that bothered him so

John decided to call the University and find out when the
expedition planned to return. He went to the telephone in the
library and dialed the number for the secretary of the department.
After a minute of conversation, John was shocked to learn that
there had been no expedition. John had a very bad feeling about
the turn of events. He walked over to the shelf that held his travel
journals and swore when he discovered that one of them was
missing. The missing journal described his first experience in the
woods. No wonder none of the cats joined Ed on this trip.

It was too late now to do anything about it. He hoped that the Gods
and Goddesses would be kind to him. He had never heard of
anyone deliberately seeking them out. If Ed had any luck, they
wouldn't be there.

Ed deliberately followed the route that John had described in his
journal. He knew he had reached the right place when the feel of
the land suddenly changed. He expected to see a man or a woman
step into view at the edge of the woods. He took a few steps
forward and, true to his expectations, a man stepped out from
behind a tree. The man was exceptionally obese. He had breasts
larger than most women. He had a small cock that was almost
hidden by a roll of fat. His face had huge jowls, a double chin,
hooked nose, and large flapping ears. The one feature that stood
out from the rest was the lips. They bulged out obscenely, flapping
as he moved.

The man gestured Ed to follow. Ed obeyed with great reluctance.
He knew what was going to happen next. He was going to be raped
by this monster. The idea repelled him, but he would do it to
protect John. His stomach twisted at the thought of touching the
man, but he followed as close as possible.

They came to an empty clearing. The grotesque man came to a
stop and turned to face Ed. Ed braced himself for an attack that
didn't come. The man said, "Ed Biggers, the God and the Goddess
would not come. They have given John all of the protection that he

"John has died twice. Fat lot of good their protection has served
him. He needs me to help protect him. I demand to see one of

His challenge was met by laughter, "You demand? A mere mortal
demand of us?"

Ed stubbornly replied, "Yes. I demand."

The man held up a medallion and tossed it a few feet away.
Laughing, he stated, "If you survive long enough to get it, I will
give you a gift that can help John."

Ed dove for the medal. His progress was interrupted by the man
grabbing him in midair. Ed fought with everything that he had. The
man ripped off Ed's clothes as if they were made of paper. He
threw Ed to the ground. Ed scrambled in the direction of the
medallion. The man halted Ed's progress by jumping on him.

Ed's cock had grown erect almost immediately, despite his attempt
to will it down. Ed's eyes grew huge in wonder as the man slowly
turned into a woman. As the tremendously fat woman lowered
herself on him, he continued to struggle to reach the medallion.
She started to rock herself on his cock. He used her motion to help
move him towards the medallion. It was now only five feet away,
but his progress towards it could be measured in tenths of an inch.
When he moved too far forward, the fat lady would bend his cock
back so hard that Ed was sure that it would break. When she
adjusted her position, he would start to move toward the medallion
again. She leaned forward and jammed a breast in his mouth. He
struggled to breathe around the monster breast. Even as he
struggled to breathe, he continued to work his way towards the

Ed was shocked as the woman started to come. As she came, her
cunt squeezed his cock. The squeeze was so tight that it hurt. Ed
screamed out in pain as he imagined his cock being cut off by her
cunt muscles. Ed still worked to reach the medallion. She
continued to ride him. Ed knew she would ride him until he came.
He wasn't sure if that would be good or bad. The only thing that he
knew was that he needed to reach the medallion.

She came several more times. Each time it felt like she was going
to rip his cock out by the roots. Throughout Ed worked his way
towards the medallion. Suddenly, he came and it was unlike
anything that he had ever experience. The contractions were so
close together and long that it felt like he was pissing in her rather
than coming.

She lifted herself off his cock and moved her way to his mouth. Ed
used the opportunity to move even closer to the medallion. She
lowered herself on his face. Huge globs of cum dripped out of her
cunt. She reached back and yanked his cock. His scream was cut
off by her cunt forcing its way onto his mouth. Cum drained into
his mouth. He had to swallow. He swallowed and then tried to
breathe as more cum filled his mouth. He continued to try to move
his way towards the medallion. She came and cum flooded his
mouth as her legs locked around his head. He couldn't breath and
couldn't move. He wondered if this was how he was going to die.
He swallowed and swallowed the neverending stream of cum.

She started to rock back and forth on his face. He took a much
need breath of air and used her motion to move forward again. The
situation got worse as the cunt started turning into a cock. The
cock forced itself into his mouth. It continued to grow. He bit it,
but it only grew larger. The creature above him had become a man
that was now fucking his mouth with a monster cock. Ed used the
motion to move closer to the medallion. Each thrust in, he slid
along the ground in the direction he desired. He would scoot
forward when the man withdrew. The medallion was now only two
feet away from his outstretched hand.

The action continued until the man came. It was a massive
explosion of cum that nearly drowned Ed. He coughed as cum
entered his lungs. He retched as cum poured into his stomach. He
couldn't breath with the head of monster cock filling his throat. He
struggled to move closer to the medallion. The cock suddenly left
his mouth. He scrambled towards the medallion.

He was within inches of reaching it when the man's hands grabbed
him and spun him in the air. He landed on his hands and knees. He
started to crawl towards the medallion. His progress was stopped
when hands grabbed his hips. It felt like a fist was pressed against
his asshole. He screamed when he was entered in one massive
thrust that pushed the entire cock into his ass. He tried to scramble
forward. He timed his forward movements with the thrusts into his
ass. He struggled to hold his gain when the man pulled him back
onto his cock. Again, his forward progress could be measured in
tenths of an inch. The man reached around and grabbed Ed's cock.
The man started masturbating him in time with his thrusts. Ed
struggled to move forward. One thought continued to race through
his mind, 'I must survive this to protect my family.'

The thrusts became harder and faster. He thought his insides would
tear at the brutality of the intrusion. He was sure his cock was
going to be pulled off. He continued to struggle. The man came
and thrust forward extremely forcefully. Ed saw his chance and
threw himself forward, flattening himself on the ground. The man
followed him to the ground as he continued to press his cock. Ed's
hand closed around the medallion.

Everything stopped. Ed raised himself to stand on wobbly legs.
The man took the medallion from Ed's hand and placed it around
his neck. He stated, "I am the Twosided One. You have done well,
Ed Biggers. It is time for you to rest."

Ed woke and looked around the clearing. The normal feel of the
outdoors had returned. His clothes were new. He felt healthy and
energetic. He took a reading on the GPS and headed towards the
highway. His progress was amazingly quick. He reached the
highway and headed towards town.

He stopped at the restaurant in town. He had read about it in John's
journal and wondered what the owners were like. He stepped into
the restaurant and looked in the mirror. His normal face looked
back at him. He looked again and realized that his eyes were now
gray. Ed approached the counter and sat down.

An elderly woman stood behind the counter and examined Ed for a
minute. She asked, "Are you Ed?"

Ed nodded in surprise. He asked, "Are you Martha?"

She smiled at Ed. "Yes, I am. John called."

"Uh oh."

She laughed at the expression on his face. It was just like a little
boy caught with his hand in a cookie jar. She added, "Right. He
said to get something to eat, go to the next town and stop at the
camping supply store, and then get home."

Ed asked, "Was he mad?"

Martha answered, "He was polite."

"You're avoiding the question."

She smiled, "Yes, I am. Now, what can I get for you?"

John looked at the menu for a minute and then spotted something
he didn't get to eat very often. It was the daily special. He said, "I'd
love some meatloaf."

Martha frowned at Ed. She corrected him, "That was yesterday's

Ed realized that he had lost two days. He recovered by stating,
"Oh, right. I didn't notice that it was a daily special. I'll have a
burger, fries, and chocolate milk shake."

Martha laughed at his choice. He was so much like John. She
stated, "The teenager special. Always a good choice."

She called the order to the back. She turned to the counter to
prepare the milkshake. Ed lifted the medallion and looked at what
was on it. The picture on the first side of the medallion looked like
a cock. The writing above the picture said, 'To Find.' While under
the picture were the words, 'A Truth.' He flipped the medallion
over. The picture on this side was that of a vagina. The writing
above the picture said, 'A Lie.' The writing below the picture said,
'To Find.' He stated the words to himself, 'To Find A Truth, A Lie
To Find.' He thought about it a moment and realized that it could
be in the stated in the other order, 'A Lie To Find, To Find A

Martha set the milkshake in front of Ed. He took a sip and smiled.
He looked up at Martha, "Is this made with homemade ice cream?"

Martha shook her head and answered, "I'm afraid not. There's a
small ice cream shop nearby. They make their own ice cream. We
buy it from them."

"It's good. If I had known, I would have ordered a banana split
instead of a burger and fries."

Martha said with a laugh, "You're just a little boy at heart, aren't

"Guilty as charged."

"John did a good job of picking a husband."

Ed looked surprised. "Thanks."

Martha noticed his surprise. "We're coming to the wedding."

"Oh. Sorry, John has invited so many people that I don't even
know who's coming. He's got people coming in from all over the

Martha understood. John made friends easily and he remembered
them all. She smiled at him. "Well, we were probably just names
on a list to you. It's quite understandable."

George brought out the burger and fries. They smelled good and
Ed's stomach rumbled in response. George laughed and then stated,
"Can't use praise from you as a measure of quality. You're too
hungry. Anything would taste good to you."

Ed took a bite of the burger. It tasted delicious and he made
appreciative noises. George smiled and headed into the back. Ed
finished the burger and fries in record time. Martha watched with
pleasure as Ed finished the milkshake. Ed sat back and stated, "I
can understand why John likes this place so much, there's great
food and great company in nice surroundings."

Martha smiled, "Thank you. Now you had better get out of here.
I'm sure that John's very worried about you."

"Thanks." Ed settled his bill and left the restaurant. Soon he was
driving down the road headed towards the next town. He looked in
the mirror and swore. A Sheriff's car was behind him with his
lights and siren running. Ed pulled over and got out his driver's
license. The Sheriff pulled up behind him and walked towards the
driver's side of the car. Ed rolled down the window. The Sheriff
came up and asked, "Ed Biggers?"

"Yes sir."

The Sheriff looked at Ed for a minute and then smiled. "John says
to get your ass home."

Ed stared at the Sheriff in shock. "Huh?"

The Sheriff smiled, "Look, follow me to the store. Go in and do
your business. Then get out of here. John's called half the people in
this town looking for you."

Ed shook his head, "I guess it is nice to have someone worry about
you, but this is approaching ridiculous."

The Sheriff smiled at Ed. "I take it Martha already told you."

"Yes, sir."

The Sheriff said, "Okay, follow me and I'll take you to the store."

The Sheriff turned and headed to his car before Ed could even
answer. He followed behind the Sheriff. They went directly to the
store. Ed parked his car and entered the store. It was empty except
for a single woman. He asked, "are you Catherine?"

The woman nodded. She looked at Ed carefully for a minute. Ed
added, "John Carter told me to come here."

She asked, "You've been to the woods?"


"May I see your Medallion?"

Ed nodded and pulled it out from under his shirt. She glanced at it
and then walked off. She came back with a polished mahogany
box. She opened it up and stated, "This is a crystal ball."

Ed looked at it. Inside was a crystal ball mounted in a beautiful
silver stand. The entire thing was a beautiful work of art. He
uttered in an awed voice, "It is beautiful."

Catherine smiled to herself. She answered, "Thank you. It is

"How much?"

"No charge, it is how I serve the Gods."

Ed looked at her with understanding. He didn't know what her
ordeal had been, but he couldn't imagine that it was a great deal of
fun. He looked at the crystal ball, "You do the Gods great honor
with the quality of your work."

Catherine smiled as she stated, "Thank you again. Now John called
and said you were to get home."

Ed groaned. He said his good byes and took the box with the
crystal ball inside. He exited the building and entered his truck. He
headed home dreading the long drive. It was late in the day and
would be very late by the time he arrived. He hoped that he would
be able to sneak into the house without causing a scene. Of course,
odds were that John would know when to expect him.

John watched for Ed from the parapet on top of the family house.
He wondered if Ed was going to chicken out and stay the night in
his house. He decided that it would depend on the degree to which
Ed had been changed. He hope that the changes were simple, but
he feared that Ed had approached the Gods and Goddesses in a less
than friendly manner.

He saw the pickup turn into the street. He would be home in a few
minutes. John headed to the stairwell. It took him a minute to get
down the stairs. He raced to the front door and opened it. Ed pulled
up at just that moment. John waited for him to get to the house. Ed
sauntered up to the house, "Were you worried about me?"

John denied it, "Not really."

John's reply had a sour taste that struck Ed with a taste of irritation.
He grimaced as he stated, "That's not true. You were really worried
about me."

John looked at Ed in surprise. "True. I wondered if you were going
to live through it. I was convinced you were going there to
challenge them."

John's words sounded sweet. Ed groaned, "I've just become a
human lie detector."

Beth and Kelly came out and examined Ed searching for
differences. Kelly stated, "You're eyes are gray now."

Kelly asked, "Why did you do it?"

Beth asked, "What happened to you there?"

John answered, "He will not tell you what happened. He decided to
do it the night they tried to assassinate me."

Ed nodded his head, "You're right John. As always."

John said with laugh, "Not as always. I'm wrong quite often."

John's words had the sweetness of truth. Ed wondered when he had
been wrong. He asked, "So when were you wrong?"

John stated, "Oh, I expected Beth to go there."

Beth flushed, "How did you know I was planning on doing that?"

Ed stared at Beth in wonder. "Why would you do it?"

Beth answered, "I lost a lover and went crazy. I'm not going to
stand by and lose another one. I was planning to go this time, but
you guys scheduled the wedding for this week. So I decided I
would go this winter."

John stated, "That's why I argued for the date that I did. I was
planning to keep everyone busy. I have to admit that Ed surprised
me. He's always covered my back and has done a great job at it."

Ed frowned, "Right, one time you get shot and killed. Another
time, you have to wrestle with a professional assassin in the middle
of the night. Both times, I'm not there."

Beth added, "And I'm a doctor that could do nothing but patch you

Kelly asked, "Were you going to take me along with you?"

Beth sheepishly answered, "I thought about it, but decided not to
do it."

"You bitch, don't you think I worry about him too?"

Beth answered, "I know you worry about him too. I was afraid of
what would happen to you there."

Ed emphatically stated, "Neither of you will go there. You have no
idea what it is like."

John stated, "Ed, you need some tender loving care tonight. Don't

Ed nodded. He had been feeling horny ever since leaving the
woods. Ed shyly asked, "Could I have each one of you, one at a

Kelly laughed, "Let's go to the playroom!"

The four of them made their way to the back of the house. They
had one room with a floor that was completely padded. In the
corner was a cabinet that had sex toys and towels. They considered
it the playroom.

Clothes came off quickly on entering the room. Ed had undressed
with his back to everyone. When he turned around, Kelly squealed
in delight. "You've gotten bigger down there."

Ed looked down in surprise. He had become as big as John down
there. He decided that the Twosided One had given him a gift that
the women would enjoy, but he doubted John would like it.

Kelly approached Ed and pressed her body against his. He put his
arms around her and gently kissed her. They sank to the floor. Ed
kissed her lips, neck, and ears. Gently nibbling on her earlobe, he
ran a hand down to caress her breast. He cupped it and stroked it
lightly, exciting the nipple to a fully erect state. She reached up and
caressed his chest. She knew his nipples were sensitive because of
many previous episodes of lovemaking. Their movements became
more passionate as feather light touches explored more of their
bodies. Soon their legs were entwined.

Ed worked his way down her body, kissing her neck working his
way to the valley between her breasts. Slipping a nipple into his
mouth, he sucked and nipped it. Kelly responded with a blush that
worked its way across her chest, signaling her rising excitement.
Ed kissed his way down her stomach, pausing at her navel. He
then worked his way down to her cunt. The lips were open and
waiting for him. Moisture had gathered at the entrance. The
unmistakable scent of an excited woman tickled his nose and drove
him to greater excitement. He ran his tongue between her lips,
savoring the delicate flavor that was Kelly. She moaned as she
neared a quick climax. He stuck his tongue into her, sucking juices
from deep inside. He moved to tongue her clit, she clamped her
legs around his head to keep him in place. He flicked his tongue
even more rapidly. She grunted once and then she came flooding
his chin with her juices.

He moved up her body to where his rigid cock was poised at her
cunt. He slowly slipped it in, rocking back and forth, to ease its
entry. She wrapped her legs around his ass to pull him into her.
The thrusting began slowly, but picked up in speed until their
bodies slapped together. She was panting and moaning as waves of
pleasure raced through her body. She came with a shudder. He
paused to give her a chance to recover and then began again.
Quicker than before, she approached another orgasm. As he
approached orgasm, his thrusts became harder and deeper.
Together, they came with Ed screaming out his pleasure with a
roar and Kelly roaring out her pleasure in a scream.

Ed rolled off Kelly. They relaxed as the sweat cooled them. Ed
looked up at John requesting, "Fuck me in the ass."

John smiled and lubed his cock with KY Jelly. Ed rolled over on
his hands and knees. Beth helped spread his ass cheeks while John
lubed the asshole, working lots of lube into it. He lined his cock up
with Ed's asshole and pressed forward gently. Ed pushed back
against the cock. It slipped in, stretching the asshole more than was
intended by nature. Ed grunted at the initial pain. He relaxed his
muscles and pushed back on the cock even more. The cock slipped
in past his anal ring. John started to slowly thrust his cock in and
out. Ed's pain quickly transformed to pleasure.

John started thrusting roughly into Ed. Ed pushed himself back
against the thrusts grunting each time. The action became furious.
John looked over at Beth and saw her masturbating as she watched
the men. The sight was too much for him. He shot his load in a
final hard thrust into Ed. He groaned as he came.

Ed rolled over onto his back. He was sporting a massive erection.
Beth moved over and licked Kelly's juices from his cock. She was
so excited that she didn't require any foreplay. She positioned
herself over his cock and slowly lowered herself onto it. She
sighed as it finally hit bottom.

Filled by Ed's cock, Beth started lifting herself up and down as she
rocked her hips. Ed's cock rubbed all of the right places inside her.
Ed reached down and placed the flat of his thumb against her clit.
Her motion changed so that she was rubbing her clit against his
thumb. She started flexing her cunt muscles, rocking, and lifting

The sweat was pouring off their bodies as Ed lifted Beth with his
hips. She was making continual animal noises. He was grunting
like a cave man. Beth started squeezing her nipples and then
squeezed Ed's nipples. He screamed and came in her. His orgasm
triggered hers. She came with a series of animal noises.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Sex Story Post Sex picture

Sex Story Post Sex picture

Sex Story Post sex links:

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02. Sex Story Post sex link

03. Sex Story Post sex link

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Sunday, July 25, 2004


Sex Story Post Sex story


by Tom Anderson Mantrainer5

Read all of Tom Anderson's stories at:


This slave awoke first, of course, visiting the bath area to piss, shit,
and have itself showered and douched to be fresh for Master and Mistress
when they arose. Master issued protocols for many situations since He was
so well organized. One rule, of course, was always to awake first in the
morning, and leave Master's bed, if doing so did not disturb Master; if it
did, then to leave at the earliest possible opportunity once Master had
finished using its body.

This situation might arise, for example, if Master's dick was as yet
impaled in its ass from a previous fuck. Master's dick might even be
comfortably resting between its ass cheeks, or His hand might be resting on
its cock, tit, or some other part of its body.

Usually Master wished me to clean His cock of cum and ass juices after a
good ass fucking and then leave His shaft inside my throat or mouth. So
long as i was able to breathe, i was to leave His cock exactly as He left
it. During the night, Master may periodically touch my head and push down,
or begin to thrust slightly, indicating He wanted renewed pleasure on His
dick, or more typically to take His piss. Once Master was no longer
touching me, i was then to take care of myself in the morning.

i always left all doors open, since i did not require privacy--i was
just property after all, not a person. In using the toilet, i never stood
in front of the bowl to urinate, but lifted the lid and the seat and
squatted with my haunches over the rim, my back to the tank. As my dick
was exceptionally thick and long and cinched up with my cock and ball ring,
i would have to press sharply on my cock to properly direct the stream of
piss into the bowl, and frankly, i couldn't have gotten my cock past the
rim of bowel had i not bent my knees at about a 45 degrees to the floor.

If i had to defecate, i was allowed to sit on the rim of the bowl, but
only for the time it took to eliminate any turds. Usually i would grab my
cock and ball sack to lift them out of the way so they wouldn't rest on the
rim of the toilet while shitting. Also, i didn't want any piss to squirt
to the floor accidently, as my dick would hang over the rim otherwise.

After elimination, i stepped into the large open shower area, and one of
the bath slaves took Master's cleaning wand, checked for proper
temperature, and inserted the metal tip three or four inches up my hole, as
i leaned all the way over, and let the wand fill up my butt cavity for a
count of ten seconds. The bath slave would then remove the tip, i would
tighten my sphincter muscle, step over to the toilet bowl, squat down and
let loose.

This procedure was always followed not less than four times, increasing
each time the amount of water and its temperature that went into the
cavity. i knew i had enough water in my gut on the fourth cleansing when i
stood up, clenched my ass hole, and found that the muscled ridges of my
stomach were all stretched out painfully hard in a huge bloat.

Each expulsion of water, of course, was following by flushing the
toilet, so that i could tell whether my colon was completely clean. The
bath slaves would then join me in the shower area, soap me up, shave my
head and beard--as body shaving was no longer necessary for me after
electrolysis--turn off the water, and then "plane" the water off my body to
avoid using towels, which were to be used only by non-slaves.

Lest anyone reading this account suspect i did anything on my own
initiative, that would be an appearance, not a reality. Master had
prepared protocols for all ordinary situations, including protocols for a
wide range of variations on these basic templates of behavior He wished His
slaves to follow. There was rather an extensive list to be followed by His
"right hand" as He called me, far more than for other slaves, because i
served a far more complicated role in Master's life. Outside of Master's
presence, i did do all manner of things that could be said to be taking the
initiative, or making decisions "on my own," but the fact is i did no more
than obey the Prime Directive.

While Master structured my life to optimize His Own pleasure and
convenience, thereby minimizing His need to micro-manage, He took special
pleasure in clothing and decorating slaves who frequently entered His
presence and in establishing general protocols for all other slaves who
serviced Him.

In my case, Master had directed, not only tit rings, and a navel
barbell, but a wide cinch ring. The iron rule was that anything Master put
on a slave was "locked" there until Master took it off, or had it taken
off. Most slaves who worked in agriculture or as pony slaves, or in any
activity where loose-hanging balls might create problems for the slave and
thus inefficiencies in their production were normally cinched to keep their
balls out of the way and supported, as a manner of speaking.

Pony slaves for example, especially those with low-hangers, had a
tendency to have their balls bruised by the regular action of their thighs.
Master also really liked the look of pony slaves with cinch rings and
Prince Alberts. Consequently, ponies were always cinched to create the
uniform "look" Master insisted upon. Such cinch rings were permanently
wielded onto the pony's cock and balls. There was no problem with hair
growth as all ponies were also permanently depilatated, except for their
faces, which were roughly shaved and their head hair, which was groomed
with a regulation number one cut--similar to that of Marine grunts.

i was, of course, also depilatated in the same manner, but because of my
special status as His right hand, Master wished to use my body from time to
time without the cinch ring, both to enable my use of clothing in certain
situations where my identity as His right hand was to be protected, and
also to keep those areas of my body spotlessly clean and free of any stale
odor. It was also important to Master that the full length of my cock be
available for insertion, or to have the whole package, cock and
low-hangers, fully available for play or display.

Consequently, Master had given me a uniquely designed cinch ring--one
that could be taken off and on easily, but which looked as if it were a
permanent feature wielded onto my anatomy!

The cinch ring was to be removed, under protocol, only for the brief
time washing and drying required. Doing anything else was absolutely
forbidden, until the cinch ring was "locked" back on. i might then
continue with the next series of activities Master had planned for me to

i then entered the shower area and at once bath slaves appeared to begin
their duties. Before stepping into the shower for cleaning, i said to one
of them, "Do you know how to loosen the cinch ring?"

"sir, no sir, thank you sir, your brother slave did not know cinch rings
could be loosened. Beg your pardon, sir."

A model answer from a most excellent brother slave, i thought.

"You must encircle the ring with your whole hand, like this, depress the
circumference in the middle along this seam and then feel the ring catch
open. Do the same at the two ends. All along the seam now with the length
of your thumb and the meaty part of your palm, and grasping the other side
of the seam with the tips of your fingers, give the ring a quick snapping
pressure, like this . . . SNAP . . . and it pops open just enough so i
can maneuver my cock out first, like this, and then each ball, one at a
time. There is no hinge, as you can see."

"Now, you try it. First, let me show you how to install the cinch in
the first place. It is easy to do since my balls hang so low. It's just a
question of not catching the flesh of my cock and sac along the seam.
Notice that the seam has an overlap and an underlap.

"When closed the seam appears to be positioned differently on the inside
than it is on the outside. That's to help prevent catching any skin and it
also makes for a much more elegant design, since one would hardly even
notice the seam and thus conclude the cinch was just like the sort Master
uses on pony slaves and His draft teams."

After several attempts both slaves managed to do the deed. Then they
took the ring off, carefully washed my cock and balls, and, of course, the
rest of my body.

One may well wonder why i didn't just wash itself? Master's policy
required slaves to wash and shave each other; and, of course,they were not
permitted to masturbate or otherwise receive sexual release without the
permission of Master. There there several reasons for this.

Master believed close bodily contact needed to be frequent for slaves to
encourage bonding with their fellows. But different rules applied to
different categories of slaves.

Field and household slaves were generally encouraged to bond sexually
with rotating partners on a regular basis, assigned most often by their
Overseers. Overseers themselves were encouraged to fuck all slaves under
their charge without discrimination, again on a rotating basis, so that
each slave would feel equally favored.

Pony slaves, on the other hand, were only permitted to fuck each other,
if they paired; and teams of draft slaves were encouraged to fuck each
other as often as possible to become extremely familiar with each other's

Master, however, in consultation with the various overseers, would
choose from among the field slaves, household slaves, pony slaves and draft
slaves certain individuals to participate in His breeding program. Slaves
working as breeders, did not, as the name implied, actually fuck women,
unless a particular client really wanted to have the full experience; on
the contrary, women purchasing semen from these slaves generally did so in
the most "arm's length" sort of transaction.

Participating slaves would be completely cleaned and groomed in the most
expert and careful manner. They would then live for no more than 3 months
or so in individual cells in the breeding stables. These cells would have
a number of video cameras located in strategic places throughout to offer
exciting live video feeds from every imaginable angle of the particular
slave. These feeds would go over the internet and potential customers
could observe up to three potential slaves simultaneously and choose
separate camera angles to obtain the best view of these semen producers.

Anyone willing to pay a subscription fee to the video service could
obtain access and even "observe" in real time customer selection of a given
slave and His "milking", the live semen to be flash frozen for shipment
anywhere in the world. Those who actually wished to purchase semen would
obtain "premium" access to the site and, if a purchase was made, would have
the cost of the subscription reimbursed. But i digress.

The one group of slaves who were absolutely forbidden to fuck or suck
each other were, for want of a better term, the comfort slaves. These
slaves were reserved for use by Master, Mistress, their household guests,
friends, and staff members who were free men.

Comfort slaves were to keep themselves in reserve to be fully charged
sexually for use on a moment's notice. All comfort slaves had the barbell
piercing through their navels. When comfort slaves grew boring to those
who used them, new ones were brought in and old ones sent to the fields or
to do other hard physical labor. The barbells were replaced with rings.
But not all comfort slaves could be used by all.

For example, staff members were welcome to have any number of comfort
slaves for an evening's pleasure, but certain slaves might be reserved for
guests, or special occasions.

i, too, am a comfort slave, to be used by Master, and now more
particularly by Mistress, but as Master's chief overseer, there was no
slave who had use of me; on the contrary, i could have use of whatever
slave i wished when i wasn't used as a comfort slave by Master or Mistress.

But there were really only three situations where i regularly fucked
slaves: to show favor to my lieutenant overseers, to retrain slaves who
were beginning to backslide on their duties as slaves, either in
performance or in attitude, and to break a formerly free man, to bring his
spirit into submission to mine and through me, to Master himself.

With these exceptions, i generally reserved my sexual energy for use by
Master, and through Him, Mistress, for these people were, for all intents
and purposes, my gods on earth, to whom i pledged complete submission in
all things. i thought of their use of my body as their great gift to me; i
felt honored, and deeply appreciated their willingness to see something of
value in me, that they'd be willing to use me in this way.

"Jackson!" Master had awoken with a piss hard-on, obviously, and stood
by His bed and gave a long, stretch to His well-defined arm, chest and
belly muscles.

"Come let me give you a morning drink!"

i had been Standing Present, the default slave position, (feet
shoulder-width apart, hands behind back clasping opposite wrist, chest out,
head down at middle distance), when i immediately went over to Master and
assumed the Full Present postion at His feet and opened my mouth to gently
take hold of Master's large dick. i let it rest on my tongue without
stimulating it and Master relaxed His shoulders by resting His hands on my
head and shoulders so He could begin to piss.

His cock was still semi-erect when He pulled my mouth fully down on Him
to the root of His balls, letting His urine fly down my gullet. i could
feel the exciting throb of the liquid rush through His urethra and tunnel
down my throat. i hardly had to swallow. His fullness seemed to find a
direct route right out His dick into my stomach.

i always enjoyed drinking Master's piss, but i especially enjoyed it
when He used me in public as His personal urinal. While free men who
didn't own slaves took such a sight as a form of degradation to the slave,
i didn't feel that way at all. i wanted Master to use me, and if others
thought i was abasing myself, that was even better. The act showed i
belonged completely to Master and that what i might have wished or desired
as a free man was utterly irrelevant.

What was important was what Master wanted, and i gloried when He used my
body to make this point to all and sundry--i would have gone steel hard
even if i were not wearing my cinch ring. This attitude didn't hurt when
it came to retraining slaves either.

Master finished His long morning piss, milked the last few drops out,
wiped His piss slit back and forth on my lips and sat on the side of the
bed, grabbed my arms and placed them around His waist, cocked His head
slightly toward me with a big smile and gave me a deep, wet kiss. When
Master kissed me i often as not betrayed a few tears of light-hearted
ecstasy i was so happy and thrilled. i could have sucked and kissed His
tongue and lips all day and all night long and each day thereafter devoted
the entire 24 hours lavishing my kisses and licks on each of His beautiful
body parts. i could go on, i thought, for at least a month!

Alas, Master had business to attend to, as did i.

"Master, do you wish your slave to make a suggestion?"

"Yes, of course, Jackson."

"When you spoke to me before you cut my balls, Master, you described how
Mistress desired that my cock drooled pre-cum as often and as much as
possible when in Her presence, and especially when i appeared in public
with Her.

"With your permission, Master, my cock would drool more constantly and
produce greater quantities if i inserted a large butt-plug up my hole to
put more or less constant pressure on the prostate.

"Constant stimulation of the prostate should produce so much pre-cum
moistening the head of my dick, that strands would tend to flow along the
PA and make a very pleasing and even arresting presentation for Mistress
and Her friends. Few people will be able to take their eyes off this huge
tackle, forced out in front of my cobble stoned eight-pack at right angles,
weeping constantly!"

"That's an excellent suggestion, Jackson. And it just goes to show how
incredibly close our thinking is!" Master gave me a sly wink when He said


"Go into the wardrobe, on the floor, to the right, and retrieve the
black shoe box you find there. Be careful. It's heavier than a pair of

i brought the box Master requested, placed it at His feet, and made my
low obeisance, then kissed His feet lightly, and awaited His pleasure.

"Up on your knees, slave, and open the box." Master said in triumphal
flourish, with a huge grin on His handsome face.

i slipped the lid off, discarded the black packing material, and removed
a heavy, somewhat cool, object enclosed in a thick black velvet cinch bag.
i carefully opened the bag and slipped it off as a beautifully polished and
banded black object appeared in my hands, perhaps 5 or 6 pounds in weight,
shaped with a rounded broad heavy base that tapered quickly to a rounded

"Master, it looks like a heavy stone butt-plug, only it has no neck for
the sphincter to clamp."

"Right you are, my muscular fuck-toy. This is a butt-plug that will,
because of its weight and size, put great downward pressure on your
sphincter muscle. It is inserted narrow tip first, of course, and then it
goes all the way up your butt and then just rests on your hole, tending to
stretch your hole open, forcing itself out. Keeping a tight butt-hole
keeps it in and also puts constant pressure on your prostate. You will
have a very strong sphincter muscle in a short while, that is, if you
succeed in keeping that thing up your ass and not letting it slide out.
You should also get that constant creaming of your dick that Mistress so

"Master, so i get it out by . . . ," i began.

". . . squatting down and pretending you're taking a big shit. It
should slide right out. However, you do bring up a good point. I can't
have a heavy piece of black onyx like that rolling around in your guts if
you are wearing it and you are doing gymnastics exercises, or if you
suddenly had to go into fight mode to protect Mistress. Also, I think you
need some practice with it to see how it works.

"My hunch is you'll need to have a hole drilled into the base for a
stainless steel insert that would act to clamp the stone once inside your
rectum directly on top of your sphincter. Also, see if it is necessary to
angle the stone so that by tilting it you are able to keep constant
pressure on your prostate.

"The result will be the desired presentation as well as the need for you
to constantly exercise your sphincter muscle. I want your hole to be big
enough to drive a truck through, so to speak, but I want you to have the
ability to tighten down on a cock as if you were an anal virgin. Actually,
you already have that ability. What I mean is I want you to retain it
during this period you will be with Mistress, as your ass will not be used
as often by me."

"Master, i will have the machine shop do as you wish. Shall i begin to
wear it now?"

"Yes, insert it now. And as I see the breakfast slaves are approaching
with the Mistress's and my meals, and your slave chow, let's sit at the
tables. I want you kneeling with your feet cradling your ass cheeks and
your hands at rest behind your head, knees spread wide with nice tension
along your belly and chest. That will lower the level of your face for my
convenience and also, I just love looking at your beautifully muscled
biceps, nicely pumped when your hands are in that position. Yes. Let's
call that the Resting Display position. How does the new butt-plug feel?"

"Master, it feels heavy in my gut and it is putting downward pressure on
my sphincter as you said it would. i won't be able to tell whether it's
stimulating my prostate, however, until i walk."

"Come Serena, let's begin breakfast. I've got a busy day ahead of me!"

"I'm coming, Steve. Go ahead and start without me. I'll be right in."

The breakfast slaves, completely nude of course, as were all slaves,
served Master a simple meal of scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast with
currant preserves, fresh bacon bits, and a large orange juice. The French
press thermal coffee pot awaited His pleasure at the end of the meal.

My slave chow was a precisely measured amount provided in a stainless
steel "dog" bowl from which Master drew small handfuls and presented them
in front of my mouth for me to nuzzle. i loved being hand-fed by Master
like this and after each handful i kissed Master's fingers and if He kept
His fingers there i would, of course, begin to gently suck and nibble on
them. Many times He would caress my tongue and teeth, or rub the back of
His fingers tenderly across my lips. Master never missed an opportunity to
express His affection for me and give me the chance to show my gratitude
and joy.

My stomach was growling since it was ready for its morning supply of
nutrients. On the maintenance diet, slaves were always fed an amount of
slave chow twice per day measured precisely to keep their body weight
within less than a one pound variation from week to week and month to

i was fed more as Master and i had decided so long as i could continue
to gain muscle mass and avoid body fat, i should stay on the bulking-up
diet. So i ate three times per day. After completing the grueling workout
sessions in the morning i was generally famished by midday, and that would
be the time the muscles would be looking to restore depleted energy, so i
ate at noon, and then again very lightly at six in the evening, when Master
generally had supper.


"Ma'am, Yes Ma'am?"

"I won't need your services until after you've completed your morning
training today. Be ready to accompany me for a marketing promo this
afternoon at 3 PM. Make sure to be be completely groomed since you will be
the center of attention. Take along a classy business suit, the whole
works, since I want no one to suspect that you are a slave. You shall look
and act as if you are my business assistant, which, of course, you will in
fact be. Take a long a couple of slaves to assist us. They can ride in
the boot of the car, if need be.

"The National Businessmen's Association (NBA) is in town, so to speak,
and trophy spouses, both women and men, but mostly women, will hold a
special, closed-door-by-invitation-only session to consider contracting
with us for the future delivery of perhaps a dozen castrated super slaves
such as yourself to serve as personal comfort slaves.

"Your job, aside from making your body available to these folks for
their inspection--at the right dramatic moment--will be to assess what sort
of slaves would best suit them. Some will no doubt have definite notions
about what they like in a sex slave, but i want you to pick up any special
or unique or unspoken hints or suggestions. Read their body language.
We'll have a slide show offering beautiful nude pictures of the different
body types available in older males, different heights, different body
builds, presence of facial hair, etc. We want to exceed their expectations
in every possible way.

"Indeed, we want to know what they want before they themselves are fully
aware of it, since for most this will be the first time they have actually
owned a comfort slave, especially one capable, as ours will be, to do a lot
more than present a dick to ride or a hole to fill. You will, of course,
be the lead trainer."

"Mistress, i understand. Shall i remain in the retraining room for your

"Yes, that would be best."

"Mistress, thank you. i will do as you wish."

In the limo on the way to the NBA meeting, Mistress had me in the
Resting Display position--ass cheeks resting on soles of feet, hands behind
my head, chest out and abs taut, to show the muscular ridges and the
"cobblestone" eightpack to best advantage. Knees were wide apart to give
full visual and physical access to my cock and balls and even to my hole.

"Put the alligator tit clamps on your nips Jack."

"Ma'am, Yes, Thank You Ma'am." And i put these unusual clamps on each
tit. The clamp looked like a stainless steel ball bearing about the
diameter of my thumb nail. It had a hole in it on one side and on the
other little metal wings that thumb and forefinger could press together to
release the clamp inside the hole.

i erected my nipples and stuck the clamps on. The pain was pretty
intense, but i enjoyed it nevertheless. My dick was already leaking
copious quantities of pre-cum with the heavy onyx butt-plug having been
inserted. i uttered a low moan as i settled back to experience the
pain/pleasure of the clamps and the heaviness of the big rock resting up my
ass, trying to force its way through my clenched sphincter muscle.

Mistress lifted Her legs onto the leather seat and pressed the intercom
button to speak to the chauffeur.

"Let me know fifteen minutes before we arrive, Faisal. Darken all the
windows now and no other interruptions."

"Yes Ms. Lord, immediately." The intercom went dead and the cabin
windows all converted into darkened one-way mirrors. We could see out, but
no one could see in.

"Jack, extend your left arm to make an arm rest for me as I lean back."

"Ma'am, Yes Ma'am."

i turned around on the floor and leaned back on my haunches with my
muscular arm extended out for Mistress. i kept the other behind my head.
Mistress also leaned back and put Her arm along the length of mine, up
close, and fondled my ear lobe with Her long finger nails. With the
fingers of other other hand She reached over and begin to caress my chest
and belly, finally coming to rest just below the barbell piercing in my

"You know, slave Jackson, I think I like you."

"Ma'am, Yes Ma'am. i am completely yours to command."

"Then turn and look at me, Jackson."

i did as She asked and Her left hand lightly travelled up my belly and
chest to caress my biceps, and beckoned me to approach Her lips and offer
Her a hot wet kiss. Her tender lips excited me and stirred the heat
between my legs.

i so wanted to fuck Her brains out, but i kept control, and let Her
guide me every step of the way. i knew Mistress would give me my head
about Her, but it would be on Her terms, not mine. i knew that even if She
allowed me to fuck Her, i could not come, as i had to be fully charged for
the exhibition. i kept thinking that these tit clamps had to go, since i
was just not going to be able to keep myself together that long with them
on. My tits were very sensitive and they seemed to be directly connected
to my dick in some way.

After some minutes of rather passionate kissing and throat fucking with
my tongue, Mistress broke off to recover, as did i.

A few moments passed.

"Ma'am, Do You wish Your slave to ask You a question?"

"Of course, Jack."

"Ma'am, my tits are sensitive and frankly i don't think i can stop
myself from cumming spontaneously if they stay in place. Especially here
with you, like this. Every part of my body is on fire for you, but i know
you want my dick completely charged up for the exhibition, yes?"

A momentary wave of displeasure seemed to flit across Mistress's face,
then passed, then Her face fell into a thoughtful pose.

"Jackson, Jackson, how much I need somebody in my life like you--NO--not
someone like you, because there is no one like you, is there? I am just
being a selfish 24 year brat! Steve is right. You are a slave, but
something more! I am beginning to appreciate what your Master said to me,
how you really are an extension of his body. I feel like I am almost
talking to him sometimes when I speak to you. I had you put those damn
clamps on just because it stirs my cunt to do it, but I wasn't thinking
about you the way that I should.

"This slavery business is rather hard for us women, you know, Jackson.
To me, really, you are an incredibly beautiful, powerful, sexy and wise
man; but because you are also a slave, somehow I am not supposed to think
of you as a man. And then, sometimes, I feel like you are Steve!"

"Mistress, if i may be so bold to speak frankly, it is because i am a
man, undeniably so, that Master wishes You to display Your dominance over
me, especially in public or before others, even others in the household.
Also, Your slave feels more secure in his slavery if he is treated as the
piece of property he really is. A piece of property is what i am, for your
complete use and disposal, any way You see fit.

"Master did purchase me fair and square. i made some errors in judgment
regarding the trustworthiness of my business associates well over ten years
ago. i couldn't pay my debts and so the court ordered that all my assets,
including my own body and mind, were to be put in service to my creditors.
That's the way the law works now.

"Master purchased me and satisfied my creditors. i owe Him not merely
the money He paid; i owe Him my life, so i willingly devote my whole mind
and body to His welfare.

"He didn't have to buy me, you know. i could have been purchased to do
any sort of work that would hardly have taxed my mental or physical
abilities in the least. Had no one purchased me at all, my body could have
been sold to the organ banks, where i might have had a year or two of
additional life, at least until someone needed my heart for a transplant!

"Some opponents of slavery in this country try to argue that our modern
institution is not fair, not equitable. But consider. Today we no longer
have prisons or penitentiaries.

"There was a time not so long ago that millions of men, and women, were
simply warehoused in cells at great public expense, and nobody derived the
least little benefit from all the wasted manpower--least of all the
inmates, who frequently returned to freedom with criminal intent even more
monstrous than when they entered prison, and frequently with greater skill
at harming others.

"Now, if a man commits a crime, he must pay a huge fine, and if he
cannot pay the fine, he is auctioned off into slavery. His victims receive
the benefit of his talent and labor many times greater in most cases than
any original loss that was suffered. But now we have very little crime.
Even working-class people have the sense now to take out slavery insurance
so that if they run afoul of the law their insurance policies will pay off
the fine and they will remain free men.

"So you see--don't you?--that to serve Master fulfills my life's
purpose. Just thinking about Master and His needs gets me hard
sexually--that's how much pleasure serving Him gives to me.

"i like to think, too, that Master needs me, wants me, or at least finds
that i offer Him some important value in my service to Him in exchange for
all that He has given to me by saving me from the organ banks, or a life
lived pulling weeds in some field somewhere, or mining, or working in a
stone quarry.

"All of these jobs are real jobs and worthwhile, but the system requires
great men such as Master who has the intelligence and the financial
resources to recognize the values various slaves offer to put them to their
highest use.

"And you are the consort of Master. He wishes me to respect and serve
you as i serve Him. You probably feel a little awkward accepting the
values i offer to you because you receive a benefit you feel you have not
earned. But Master has earned those values and it is His simple pleasure
that i should offer them to you, as well. So i do.

"Every time you use me, Mistress, you do great honor to me and to the
wonderful gift your husband has given to me--my slavery! If later today
someone were, God forbid, to try to harm you in any way, i would willingly
put my body over yours to take the bullet or the sword, if matters came to
that, which they wouldn't because i know how to fight and would take them
out before they knew what hit them--that is, after i had collected you and
put you in safety.

"So dearest Mistress, accept my complete submission to your will in all
things. i shall try in every way to anticipate even what you may be
thinking, and if it is your will, to provide you with whatever you need
before you yourself even become fully aware of what you need. That's the
sort of complete devotion i am talking about. And it is the sort of
devotion i think these people we will soon meet also want in their lives,
whether they know it now, or not.

"That, really, is the mission of the New Birth program. Older men, more
experienced in the ways of life and the world, can understand what i've
been speaking to you about, and if they become candidates for the program,
will have to demonstrate an order of devotion and submission to their
Masters that exceeds what Masters typically expect from their slaves. New
Birth candidates readily grasp the fact they otherwise face euthanasia when
they reach their 45th birthdays, since the values they may offer without
the program are simply insufficient to merit continued support by Master

"With a radical attitude adjustment, with cutting off their balls and
replacing them with prosthetic balls, with the steroid drug enhancement
element, and with the extraordinary training of their physical bodies and
through their bodies, their minds, the program hopes to produce, if not
clones of me, then certainly examples of manhood that will leave the
average master and mistress weak in the knees, and fast with the pen and
personal purchase check."

"Jackson, I love a slave who knows what he's worth. Undress me now and
take me on a flight somewhere Your Master wants me to go. Take off the
fucking clamps and don't come yourself. Let's save that for later tonight,

Mistress didn't have to coax me into compliance, as with slightly
shaking hands i helped remove Her clothing and carefully laid the articles
out on the opposing seat so they would not get wrinkled, as we had to be
due at the hotel within an hour or so.

i have a large, well-muscled body, as i have said, and lying down on top
of Mistress so my dick head could enter Her luscious cunt opening put Her
head at the level of my chest.

i supported my upper body by stretching out my arms overhead and
grasping the armrest and seat edge and pressing downward, so all my chest,
arm, and belly muscles went to really major pump. Mistress tried to nibble
on my left big tit but found that the tit ring got in the way, so She
buried Her face in my left pit and started licking it.

i could smell my own fresh man-smell--it always turned me on big
time--as i kissed Mistress's hair and head and when the position was just
right probed Her sexy ear canal with my wet tongue, driving Her absolutely
wild with lust. Her body was writhing underneath mine, bucking, and
vibrating like She'd just been plugged by a live wire--a feat She could
manage since i was supporting all of my weight on my arms and legs.

i had no problem plunging my raging fuckpole right straight into Her
tightness--the cunt lips put up only token resistance to the invading log
as it made its headlong plunge into the darkness slick and smooth like
honey from all the fluid i was pumping out of my dick.

This was so fucking hot. i was visualizing myself as this enormous fuck
tool that Mistress was directing by remote control. My body, my penis, and
my spirit were all one, one entity. and i wanted nothing more than to
invade the universe of Her fucking cunt, take it over, dominate it, and
then have Her suck me up into Her for ever and for ever. i felt insane. i
roared. i actually heard myself making these huge rutting noises. i
sounded like a big fucking bull just getting his big fucking rocks off.
Sweet Jesus, then i fucking came, just then, right into the bitch's
tight-assed cunt! i so wanted to save myself for later, but this honey
bitch got me really going strong. i didn't want to think what was going to
happen now. Oh, sweet Jesus, what a bless�d fuck!

i lay off Mistress and flopped down on the big floor of the limo, just
to recover my breath and consider how i was going to handle the situation.
Mistress had ordered me not to cum and what did i fucking do but cum, not
just a little jack-off, but one of the hottest orgasms i had ever
experienced in my whole fucking life. And it was the best sex i had ever
had with a woman! i found myself just a little conflicted, to say the

"Oh, Jackson, that was the greatest fuck of my short sweet life. My
God, I have never been fucked like that baby, ever, not even by Steve on
our honeymoon! Ummm, that was so, soooh . . . good!"

Mistress was gently masturbating Her clit, trying to extend Her
pleasure, so i got up on my knees between Her legs, rested Her willing
thighs on my shoulders and gave Her sweet cunt a big, wet, open-mouthed
kiss, lapped up the drooling cum, and started to work my tongue stud into
the engorged meat, tapping, sucking, licking, blowing, and then just
running with this incredible oral sensation--i felt my tongue was at the
control panel of Her electrified body and the least touch here or there
could cause the most amazing moans from deep within Her; i felt the muscles
in Her ass, back and belly tighten and then relax briefly, only to fall
into another series of spasms and releases.

i moved my big paws up to Her perfect tits and oh-so-gently brushed the
backs of my fingers across the engorged nipples. How i wanted to lick,
bite, and suck them as well, but i just couldn't get my mouth in two places
at once, so i decided to mount my Mistress once again but instead of
entering my dick into Her pussy, i let my moistened cock head massage Her
hardened clit so my mouth and tongue and teeth might devour those
tantalizing nipples. And they were connected, O yes!, to that hard little
member of Hers that my still hardened dick was kissing so passionately!

Mistress just didn't stop having orgasms. i swear, so long as some part
of my body was touching hers, She was off in heaven getting fucked by God
Almighty Himself! It was as if Master had taken immediate and direct
control of my body, as if my big fucking dick were His big fucking dick,
and my muscled body were His muscled body, as if Master's consciousness had
completely taken over my soul, He and i sharing the same consciousness, and
Mistress understood that! What a fucking turn on! i could do this all day
and all night!

"In some deep sense, my consciousness at that moment merged completely
with Master's and there was no difference! Master had moved me to a whole
deeper and more intense intimacy with Him and with His purpose for my life.
Master in my body re-entered His Wife and His slave grew, once again, steel
hard, and pumped again and again into Her tasty cunt. This time in fucking
Her i felt a sense of almost religious awe as i witnessed, as though
outside looking down, at the magisterial way Master now used my body to
pleasure His Wife. i felt such a sense of ecstatic surrender, as if Master
were creating a whole new world in this single act, that as i exploded once
again into Mistress, i seemed to lose consciousness altogether. Master
once again took me deeper into my slavery to Him.

It is difficult to convey this ecstatic sense to those readers who are
not true slaves, or do not have Masters Who know how to help Their slaves
release the slave spirit within themselves, reaching more profound, deeper
levels of connection. The experience is somewhat akin to the "high" a
runner feels once he reaches a certain level of performance, where his
spirit seems to become almost disembodied.

The pains and sensations of making the physical effort to run fall away
and just the pure unalloyed sensation of moving through the air takes over
and possesses one. There is no time because your consciousness only exists
in that particular moment . . . which is suspended . . . sustained
somehow. And then the reality of a spent body trying to grab more air hits
home and you have to stop. But afterward, and for the rest of your life,
you remember that moment, you savor it, you acknowledge it, and then you
put it back into that special place deep within where you keep memories
like these.

i felt sorry for ordinary people, for ordinary slaves. they could never
know what i knew, could never feel what i felt, could never merge with
another soul, as Master absorbed my consciousness into His, my body into
His Body, my mind into His Mind. Perhaps, i thought, it really is a gift
of the born slave. i had experienced what religious people throughout
human history had always sought, union with the Divine! it must be, i
thought, that just as Master worked through me and made me His complete
slave, so God also worked though Master, and thus i really was united with
God Himself!

End of Part 4

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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Sex Story Post Sex picture

Sex Story Post Sex picture

Sex Story Post sex links:

01. Sex Story Post sex link

02. Sex Story Post sex link

03. Sex Story Post sex link

04. Sex Story Post sex link

05. Sex Story Post sex link

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Sex Story Post Sex story

A message to all those under the legal age to view
pornography in your countr/state Go Away.
You won't find too much sex in this story I'm afraid sorry,
sorry, sorry this is more of a humor story, and the concentration will
be on oral sex but there will be some ordinary sex, I promise.
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03 : giffer excellent, 100% free, lots of areas,
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04 : GreyArchive (The Grey Archive, very popular, well
put together site with several of my stories).
05 : fanfiction.majorhost/index.html Rogues Erotica,
constantly updating site with something for everyone.
06 : members.tripod/~sneal The XMen Erotica Archive
features My Marvel Comics series.
07 : angelfire/tx/TvArcive/ Age Of Onslaught &
Star trek : Original Series story available here.
08 : geocities/Hollywood/Hills/2506/foepage/ JamF's
FOEpage, features the GenX parts of my Marvel : Herald Of
Armageddon story and XFiles : Grandmaster, with images included.
09 : booyani.majorhost Dedicated to the perversion
of your favorite videogame, comic book and anime characters since

Seinfeld The Blowjob.

"You're telling me, that a supermodel hit on you?" said George,
shaking his head in disbelief,"How do you do that?"
"I didn't say she was a supermodel," said Jerry, he was holding a
rolled up newspaper"But the option was certainly available to her."
"You're telling me that you were hit on by a woman who is so
beautiful, she can choose whether or not she wants to be a supermodel or
not!" cried out George,"Great, just great why I can't have such luck is
beyond me."
"Just listen," cried Jerry,"Is that so much to ask that you listen?"
"Oh, I can listen pal I'm the king of the listeners. If they held
a competition for best listener I wouldn't even enter because I'm so
assured of victory, it would ruin it for everyone else."
"You can sure talk for a listener."
"Haha, wiseguy."
The buzzer went of, Jerry walked over to it and held down the
"It's me," came Elaine's voice.
"Come on up," he buzzed her in and opened the door.
"So anyway," he continued,"She walks up to me on the street and
says to me 'Could you do me a favor and hold this paper for just a second,
I'd be really grateful."
"Hang on," interrupted George,"How did she say 'really grateful'?"
"It was kind of a deep throaty 'promise of things to come' 'really
"You're sure, she didn't have the flu?"
"No she didn't have the flu, now listen."
"I'm listening!"
"So I say 'no problem' and she walks inside the building, and I'm
waiting, thinking about the great sex I could possibly be having......."
"Now see, I never do that, thinking about get's you all hyped up
and you're bound to be disappointed in the end."
"What are you talking about? Fantasy doesn't build you up."
"It build's you up!"
"Just shut up and listen!" Jerry cried out.
"I'm listening!"
"So I'm waiting like five minutes......"
"Five minutes?"
"Five minutes, how long would you wait?"
"Well it depends on the person, but a woman as beautiful as least till Christmas."
"Hey, for sex with a beautiful woman I think she at least deserves
until Christmas."
"You're pathetic."
"Finish your story," said George,"I do have a date tonight you
"You love telling people that don't you?"
"You wanna tell the story or not?"
"Okay then, so I'm getting impatient and I look through the glass,
and I see her hugging this guy!"
"What? she asked you to hold her paper, told you she'd be 'grateful'
and now she's hugging another guy?"
"Exactly, she's a temptress!" exclaimed Jerry,"I think she does it
for thrills, leaves guy's hanging around outside in the cold for hours on
"Five minutes."
"Okay, five minutes hours on end, what's the difference?"
"I said that to my first girlfriend, believe me, it makes a
"But can you believe it? She's in there hugging another guy."
"So what did you do?"
"I left."
"And the paper?"
Jerry smiled and held up the paper in his hand,"She'll have to
buy a new paper for holding me up, my time is money!"
"What, a nickel a minute?"
"You're a real understanding guy you know that?"
Elaine stepped into the apartment, she slammed the door shut and
stared at George and Jerry fiercely.
"Wow, aren't you a little Xena Warrior Princess here?" joked Jerry.
"You know, that Lucy Lawless is really attractive, I would like to
go out with her." mused George
"Are you kidding, you couldn't get Lucy Lawless," said Jerry.
"Why couldn't I get Lucy Lawless?"
"She's way too tall for you."
"You think?"
"I know."
Elaine shook her head and cried out,"Shut up, I have something to
say here!"
"Tell George," said Jerry with a smile,"He's a great listener."
George smiled,"At least I don't steal papers from supermodels."
"Supposed super......."
"You wouldn't believe what happened to me last night," Elaine cut
"Huh? what?" asked Jerry.
"You know that guy Alex I've been seeing, tall, handsome
"Yeah, he's a nice guy," said George.
"He's scum!" said Elaine, staring George in the eye.
"I wouldn't say anything Georgey boy,"said Jerry,"When she gets
back with him she'll hate you for anything you say against him."
Elaine shook her head,"Not this freak, you know what he told me
last night."
"Yes, yes I do," said Jerry,"I'm a mind reader you see........"
Elaine shoved past him and sat next to George on the couch,"We
were in my apartment and I had invited him up for coffee....."
"Coffee?" asked George,"Coffee?.......or Coffee?"
"I want to make sure, you asked him up to have sex with you right?"
"Yes George," she said,"I wanted to bump hips."
"Charming," said Jerry,"Didn't you graduate first in you class at
Lady's finishing school."
"Lookit comedian," she said, grabbing Jerry by the collar,"One more
funny remark and I'll rip your tongue out you never use it for it's right
purpose anyway."
"What's that supposed to mean," said Jerry.
"Listen and you might find out."
"See," said George,"I would kick your ass in a listening
Elaine glared at him,"So we're making out on the couch, and he
pulls away and says to me,'Are you like me, do you love foreplay?' and I
think 'Thank God, maybe I'll get an orgasm for once.'
"So what did you say?"
"I said,'Sure I love it,' and I sit forward to kiss him, but he
stands up and takes off his pants, and there it is, sitting right in front
of me."
"His soldier?"
"Yeah, but this wasn't a soldier, this was a green beret, I'm
talking special forces here, and I say,'What do you want me to do with
that?' and he says,'You know Lainee, I want a blowjob."
"Just like that," cried out George,"Just like that he says I want
a blowjob!?!"
"Yeah, and I just stare at him, thinking he's joking, but he
says,"Come on Lainee, let's get going, it's cold in here."
"Did you?" asked George, Elaine smacked lightly over the head.
"No I didn't, I said to him,'What if I say no?' and he says,'Then
no sex."
"Idiot," said Jerry,"You can't threaten to withhold sex from a
woman, it's crazy."
"What'd you say then?" asked George.
"I said to him,'And if I do that for you, will you do something for
me?,' and he says,'What?' like's he's really confused and I say,'Give me
"So what did he do?"
"He said no, and I told him he'd have to leave, but he said he was
glad to go, he thought I was sick I'll tell you I wanted to decap his
Jerry and George winced.
"So," said Elaine,"Have either of you ever?"
"No," they said at the same time.
"Why not?"
"Well, that's where your soldier is going," said Jerry,"When you
send your man into the field he'll get covered in your own saliva, it's
like licking your........."
George shuddered,"E"
"But would you expect a woman to give you a blowjob?"
"Yeah, I don't see why not," Jerry replied.
"Well, isn't that like me licking my own.......?"
"Nothing wrong with that," said George,"Nothing whatsoever."
"You two have such a double standard, are all men like this?"
"Pretty much yeah," said Jerry.
"Have either of you ever had a blowjob?"
Jerry and George looked at each other and sighed,"No."
"Ha," laughed Elaine.
Kramer rocketed into the room, he slipped the door shut and walked
over to the fridge, he pulled out a banana and peeled it, he noticed Elaine
staring at him.
"Want some?" he asked, holding out the banana to her.
"Oohh!" she cried out, throwing her arms in the air,"Is that all
men think of?"
"What?" cried Kramer,"A guy can't offer a girl a banana?"
"Kramer, have you ever had a blowjob?" asked Jerry.
Kramer smiled,"Oh yeah."
"And did you give the woman one in return?" asked Elaine.
"Of course," said Kramer,"I'm not an animal."
Elaine beamed triumphantly at Jerry and George,"See."
"But don't you kind of licking
your know?"
"What, banana?" said Kramer with a grin,"No I don't feel like that,
besides, most of your saliva is washed away by the female orgasm."
"What are you talking about?"
"You know, the juices get flowing......" he waved his
arms around,"Things get moving....."
Elaine smiled,"There's hope for your lot yet."
George looked at his watch,"I better get going, or I'll be late
for my date tonight."
"Oh you got a date?" asked Kramer.
"Yes I have a date," said George,"Does that surprise you?"
"Well frankly yes," said Kramer, biting into the banana,"You strike
me as more of a Friday night at home with your parents kind of guy."
"No that was in high school and college," said Jerry smiling.

Later on Jerry, Elaine and Kramer sat in the restaurant, they
were chatting about the movie they had just seen Necropolis.
"That was a great movie," said Jerry, he slapped the paper he held
in his hand against the table,"The reviews in this rag are all wrong."
"I hated it," said Elaine,"That bit where Michael Douglas cut's
Charlie Sheen's rope when they're climbing the mountain, then swings down
and catches him was a load of crap."
"Are you kidding," said Jerry,"That was great."
"Michael Douglas must be over 50, how could he catch and support
Charlie Sheen?"
"How did you like it Kramer?" asked Jerry,"Kramer?"
"Wow," said Kramer,"Look at that beautiful woman over there with
that guy."
Jerry looked back and then slumped down in his seat,"Oh my God."
"What," said Elaine,"What's wrong?"
"That's the woman whose paper I stole!"

George kissed Sheryl passionately, he put his best effort in and
she seemed to respond to it, he pulled away and grinned at her,"You like
"I like that a lot," she whispered.
"There's a lot more where that came from." he said, he sounded
confident but inside he was thinking,'Should I ask her into the bedroom,
oh God, what if she yells at me, oh God oh God, I asked her up for coffee
but does she think I meant coffee or coffee........'
"George," she said,"I think we should move things into
the bedroom."
"If you want to," he said,"I don't want to pressure you, you
know I'm happy with things as they are," inside he was screaming,'Yes, yes,
But her face dropped,"You don't want to have sex with me?"
'Idiot! idiot! his inner critic screamed, it had returned from an
early retirement from exhaustion to yell at him,"Of course I do," he
said,"Are you kidding, you're a beautiful woman with a great body, but I
want you to know that as great as that would be, I can live with this if
you want it to go no further."
She seemed to think about it and he thought,'That was my best line
ever, please, take the bait, take the bait.'
"George, I want to take things to the next level."
'Reel her in baby,' he thought ecstatically.

"Just slip past her," said Jerry,"Listen to their conversation,
he might be her brother?"
"I'm not going to do it," said Elaine,"You had your chance with
this woman and you blew it."
"I'll do it," said Kramer, he slipped on some sunglasses and made
to stand up.
"You can't do it," said Jerry,"I've seen you try to be silent and
subtle, it's pathetic."
"What?" said Kramer,"I can be silent like the night."
"You're about as silent as Newman in a potato chip factory," Jerry
said,"I'll take a chance," he stood up, picking up the paper and walked
towards the table with the woman and man at it, then he put a look of
surprise on his face.
"Look at that," said Elaine,"It's pathetic, simply pathetic."
"Yeah," said Kramer,"I could have done a much better job."

"Hi!" said Jerry,"Remember me?"
"Oh it's you!" said the woman,"We were never introduced I'm
Marlene and this is my brother Martin."
"Oh," said Jerry,"Your brother? Hi," he put out his hand to
Martin,"I'm Jerry Seinfeld."
"I know," he said,"I've seen you on the Tonight Show and
"Hey," said Marlene,"What happened to you the other day?"
"Oh right," said Jerry,"Didn't you see the hit and run?"
"Hit and run? no."
"Right after you went in this guy got hit by a car, he was in real
pain, I called out for someone to call an ambulance but no one listened,
you know what New Yorkers are like."
"Yeah, it's terrible," said Marlene,"So what happened?"
"Well my car was parked around the corner so I drove round and
picked him up, then took him to the hospital."
"Oh you're so brave, did you get there in time?"
Jerry just grinned,"I was faster than a speeding bullet."

George stood in front of Sheryl, she was completely naked and lay
on the bed, legs spread,"Take me George," she said.
George was about to go to work, then Elaine's voice came into his
mind,'You men have such a double standard.'
"You know, there's something I'd like to do for you first."
"Hmmm? what."

"So I felt guilty about rushing of with the paper, it's not much,
but you can take this evening one of mine."
"I'm grateful Jerry," she said,"But that paper had a number written
on it about a modeling job?"
"You're a model."
"It was my first job, but it would have paid a lot."
"I still have the paper in my apartment, I could go get it, it's
just across the street."
"I'll come with you," she said,"You don't mind?"
"No, no of course not."
Marlene turned and kissed Martin on the cheek,"I'll see you
"Seeya sis," he said.
Jerry and Marlene walked past Kramer and Elaine, Kramer looked at
them,"Where are you two going?"
"Just up to my apartment," Jerry said with a smile, he and Marlene
walked out.
Elaine stared at Kramer,"Can you believe that?"

George licked and probed, Sheryl moaned and gasped in pleasure,
she reached down and pressed his face down against her vagina. George
rubbed his nose around as he tried to turn his face for breath and she
squealed in pleasure.
"George," she gasped,"You're fantastic."
George smiled and bit lightly on her clitoris, maybe this wasn't
such a bad idea after all.

"Okay Alan, I'll be there Wednesday at 9am, thanks."
Marlene turned and smiled at Jerry,"Thanks for letting me use your
phone, you're a life saver, how can I repay you?"
"I'll think of a way," said Jerry.
"I can think of one right now," she said, she placed her arms
around his neck and pulled him to her, she kissed him lightly on the
lips,"You'll love this."
She lowered herself to her knees and unzipped his fly, she slipped
his half erect cock out and licked it lightly, then she took the entire
thing in her mouth and began to deep throat him.

Sheryl came, her juice flowed around George's mouth and down her
thighs, he sat up and she smiled at him,"I am so lucky to have met you,"
she said grinning.
"So," he said, smiling,"Do you have a little something for me?"
"I sure do," she said,"Come over here."
He moved over to the bed and she sat up, she kissed him, her tongue
snaking deep down his throat, then she lay back and spread her legs,"Fuck me
'What!' his mind screamed,'Fuck me? fuck me? what about my blowjob?

Marlene's tongue bobbed up and down on Jerry's shaft, his breath
began to come faster and faster now and she abruptly stopped, she removed
her mouth from his cock and smiled,"Gotta save that cum for the best sex
you'll ever have."
Elaine's voice flooded through Jerry's mind,'You men have such a
double standard."
"There's something I'd like to do for you first," he said.
"What?" she asked, confused.
"How about," he said, making his voice sound generous,"I give you
a blowjob?"
She stared at him, then she said,"Are you crazy? That's sick, when
you fuck me it'll be like you're licking your own cock!" she yelled out,
she stood up and stormed to the door, she opened the door, startling
Kramer, who was about to walk in.
"He's sick!" she yelled out,"He wanted to give ME a blowjob!"
"Oh there there," said Kramer, putting an arm around Marlene's
shoulder, he winked at Jerry,"Tell Kramer all about it," he led her into
his apartment.

"I can't believe it, said Jerry, sitting in the restaurant"I got
a fantastic blowjob and ruined sex by offering to give her a one, I'm so
"Well I don't know about you," said Kramer,"But I feel great, that
Marlene is dynamite in bed."
"Thank you very much Don Juan DeMarco," said Jerry,"Here's George,
hey Georgie, how was the date?"
George sat down and looked at them with a glum expression,"We had
"So? how was it?" said Elaine.
"It was the greatest sex I ever had," said George in a dejected
tone,"She said I was the best lover she had ever had."
"That's great," cried Elaine,"But she can't have had
much experience."
"Haha," he said,"The thing is though, I gave her oral sex, but then
she gave me nothing but sex I feel so cheap."
"Congragulation Georgie Porgie," said Elaine, a satisfied smile on
her face,"Today you are a woman."


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